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Грамматический тест для 7 класса.

Grammar (1-st level)

  1. I met my (good) friend yesterday.

A  goodest           B  better          C  best

  1. The public transport in London is as…..as in Europe.

more expensive          B  expensive         the most expensive

3. I will get (little) money for this work than he will.

A  more little           B  littler           less

4. Granny is in the kitchen. She (make) an apple pie now.

A    makes      B  are making         C  is making

  1. Dad (usually not work) in his office on Mondays.

A do not usually work         B is usually not working         C does not usually work

  1. She (sing) with her brother at the next party.

A   sings         B   is singing         C   will sing

  1. Every day I help my mum about the house, but last week I was very busy with my exams. So I (not help) her much.

A did not help           B not helped            C do not helped

  1. Kimry is located on…….famous Russian river Volga.

A  the        B  -          C    a

9. Let me show you the center of ….Moscow: ……Red Square and ……Kremlin.

-         the           C  a

10. Is ……..USA bigger than……Canada?

A     the         B  -          C   a


Grammar (2-nd level)

1. I do not like parties……finish late.

A  who      which      what

2 .……are only seven stations on this metro-line.

A   these      B   it      C   there

  1. He is French, he comes ……the West of France.

A   from       B   in         C   to

  1. I do not take…….with my coffee. I prefer it black.

sugar       B   milk       C   bread

  1. I am interested……learning Japanese.

A   at       B   for        C  in

  1. I can not see the blackboard because a tall boy always sits……. me.

A   in front of         B   near               C   behind

  1. This is my mobile, where is ……..?

A   your         B   her          C   yours

  1. There was ……..tasty in the refrigerator.

A   anything       B   something         C   somebody

  1. Businessmen always wear……..

A   dresses      B   uniforms        C   suits

  1. Let…… go to the shops alone today.

A   she       B   they        C   me

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