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Лексический тест для 6 класса

My friend Susan

Susan Kente is a “dog-sitter”. She looks after people’s dogs from Monday to Friday. She wakes up at 5.15 a.m. and 15 minutes later she gets up. She has a shower, she drinks a glass of orange juice and she sometimes has sandwiches with cheese. Then she goes outside to the garden and gives the dogs their breakfast. Then they all get into Susan’s car. It’s very dirty! Susan takes the dogs to the park and they run about. She always takes some water and biscuits for them. They go back to the car at 11 a.m. and then they go back home. At about 5 p.m. the dog’s owners come to collect their dogs. Some people say it’s boring to look after the dogs, but Susan doesn’t agree.

1. Susan takes care of the dogs … a week.

   1) two days       2) five days         3) seven days

2. She gets up at … five.

   1) a quarter to      2) half past      3) a quarter past

3. Susan and the dogs go to the park … .

   1) on foot    2) on car     3) by car

4. … is very dirty.

   1) Susan    2) The dogs    3) The car

5. Susan finds her job … .

   1) boring     2) difficult      3) interesting


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